By selecting the right foods or correct eating plan we are able to control our body weight or nutrient uptake.  If you follow the correct eating plan you are bound to improve your physical and mental health.

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Following the correct diet is extremely important.  There’s a wonderful slogan doing the rounds on health sites, and it goes like this:  Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym.  There is the school of thought that Diet is 70% of the weight loss plan, while the balance is 30% in the gym.

Bet it off!

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bet it off


As promised in my previous post entitled My Skinny Valentine, herewith my experience and review on diet bet. I hope it will give you more insight as to whether it is something you might like to do.


My Skinny Valentine!

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Dear Low Carb Fit Femme's I hope my message finds you well. Most years hubby and I always try to do something special on Valentine's Day and this year was no different. This year I was a little bit more concerned about keeping it together than previous years and the reason for this is that I have committed to something totally new and different.

Ketosis And Burning Stored Fat

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Despite a slightly higher carbohydrate intake yesterday which came in at 43 net carbs, I ate a good quantity of healthy saturated fats. I have had a couple of intermittent fasting days of late and I was craving fat in a big way. In addition to my proteins and veggies, I included a wide variety of cheeses and bigger quantities of butter and kefir made with cream.

Vegetarians and low carb lifestyle.

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Vegetarians often ask can I follow a low-carb diet? Most definitely! Contrary to some of the popular myths about low-carb eating, a low-carb diet not at all reliant on meat. Vegetarian low-carb eating actually is not all the different from low-carb eating as a meat-eater. Here are some tips for becoming a successful low-carb vegetarian eater.

My Three Day Egg Fast

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Last week I decided to do a three day egg fast from the 17th to the 19th of March. I had known about it for some time but it was only recently while chatting to a weight loss buddy on FatSecret that we decided to do it together. 

Low Carb Seed Crackers

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Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying a new low carb culinary delight! Marcella Raimondi of Banting Mad, offers a range of banting products and I decided to sample her Original flavour - low carb seed crackers. The crackers consist of sunflower, flax and sesame seeds, with a bit of pysillium husk.

My before and after photo's.

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Low Carb Weight loss success story
 I am 100% committed to the low carb lifestyle and I LOVE it. I am a foodie at heart who loves not only eating but also experimenting with recipes; so the low carb way of eating has been perfect for me! It is now, not only a way of eating but also a way of life for me.

Ketogenic diet

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ketogenic diet

The well known Atkins diet along with other low-carbohydrate diets and Ketogenic diets continue to be popular. Knowing the concepts behind these diets will allow you to slim down in a very safe, responsible manner and prevent certain pitfalls.

Weight Plateau

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weight plateau
A stall or plateau is the term for a prolonged length of time during reducing efforts where there isn't any weight loss when weighing AND no reduction in inches according to the tape measure. So if you've been following your chosen low carb program to the letter, and it seems that the bathroom scales have become permanently stuck, take your measurements.