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Learn how a Cape Town mom ate her way to goal weight, benefiting from a low carb eating plan & exercise.

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Low Carb Meals for a Low Carb Lifestyle

We only have one life & one body.  It's up to each of us, individually to decide how important it is to look after our body.  These low carb meals will help you to form healthy eating habits, develop enjoyable exercise routines with our exercise articles & live your life to the fullest with our health articles, while our diet articles will encourage weightloss.  We value your opinions & look forward to your comments.

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Healthy mushroom soup

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healthy mushroom soup

I just LOVE my healthy soup recipes and this is one of them.  Using wild mushrooms rather than regular button mushrooms adds wonderful flavour to this creamy soup. Try a blend of cremini, porcini or shiitake. If you are trying to avoid alcohol, replace the sherry with an additional 1/2 cup of broth.

Flax seed muffin with cinnamon

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This is one of those flax seed recipes that just hits the spot every time.  It only requires a coffee mug and a few ingredients to make the "dough" Very nutritious, high in fibre and low in carbs, its the perfect get up and go breakfast.  Delicious when cut open when piping hot and serve with just a scraping of cream cheese.  

Low carb moussaka

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Moussaka is predominantly an egg plant (aubergine) based dish popular in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Consisting mainly of minced lamb and veggies. It is almost low carb cooked the traditional way. The only substitution made here is the topping – traditionally, white or Béchamel sauce is used. Using ricotta cheese as a replacement gets rid of the only high carb ingredient!

Low carb bread

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We all know that we need to avoid sugar but are you eating whole wheat bread?  Whole wheat bread is very high in sugar and eating just two slices is the equivalent of eating a sugary chocolate.  Whole wheat bread has a glycaemic index of 72 while white bread is 69.  

Low carb myths

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low carb myths

There are a variety of myths and misconceptions about low carb diets. Anti low carb information often draws an image of people eating very unhealthy diets, with no vegetables or fruits, guzzling cream and eating bacon dripping in butter all day.