By selecting the right foods or correct eating plan we are able to control our body weight or nutrient uptake.  If you follow the correct eating plan you are bound to improve your physical and mental health.

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Ketosis And Burning Stored Fat

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Despite a slightly higher carbohydrate intake yesterday which came in at 43 net carbs, I ate a good quantity of healthy saturated fats. I have had a couple of intermittent fasting days of late and I was craving fat in a big way. In addition to my proteins and veggies, I included a wide variety of cheeses and bigger quantities of butter and kefir made with cream.
My fat intake on FatSecret registered at 125 grams yesterday. That is quite a bit of fat for a woman of my small size. After so many years of being fat phobic, it is almost cathartic to know that it really isn't the demon that it was made out to be for the last 50 years. The true monster is sugar and carbs! This morning when I did a ketone test with my ketostix I was delighted to see the beautiful pinky, purpley plum colour. A sure sign that my body is burning stored fat for energy and in a deep state of ketosis. Yee-ha I am a fat burning machine!! Just one of the many reasons I love this lifestyle as much as I do. If you don't understand how important healthy fats are, its hard to get your head around it. Especially when you see articles entitled "Eat Good Fats to Burn Stubborn Belly Fat"  and "Low-Carb Diets Improve The Pattern of LDL Cholesterol" It goes against everything we were told but at least now we now fear of fat was a big mistake.  It is my experience that a ketogenic diet  really does work!
I honestly believe and you are entitled to your own opinion but I am of the belief, that this is how we are supposed to eat. This is the way our great grandparents ate and guess what there was no diabetes or obesity epidemic! People lived to a ripe old age eating free range meat, organic vegetables and healthy butter and dairy made on the farm. There is however one very important disclaimer to all of this, if you are eating a high carbohydrate diet and include copious amounts of fat regardless of it being a good or bad source, you are going to ba-lloon! Fat and carbs are not a good combination. Whatever health regimen you choose I wish you the best quality of health possible!
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