By selecting the right foods or correct eating plan we are able to control our body weight or nutrient uptake.  If you follow the correct eating plan you are bound to improve your physical and mental health.

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Chantal - A LCHF Case Study

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Chantal - A LCHF Case Study

Chantal recently contacted Low Carb Femme Fit and asked whether I would consider helping her to reach her health goals, delighted that she had chosen my 30 Day Low Carb Eating Plan, I agreed. Chantal started in earnest on the 9th of June 2014 and Low Carb Femme Fit will be posting a weekly update on her progress, challenges, personal experiences and of course achievements.

About Chantal:

Chantal is a South African mom from Pretoria, going on 31, happily married and mother to a beautiful but busy 10 month old baby boy. She is an accountant working half day for a medical company which allows her to spend her afternoons with her son.

Chantal has been overweight for as long as she can remember and has spent literally thousands of rands on diets, pills, dieticians, and shakes. Initially the weight loss starts off well but eventually comes to a grinding halt. In 2007 she started feeling very ill, constantly thirsty and despite sleeping well always feeling tired and cranky. After a visit to her family doctor and a battery of tests she was told that she was pre-diabetic and also diagnosed with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.  After loads of researching she realised that her body was not designed for excess carbohydrates. She has been trying to reduce her carbs and it has been a struggle.

This is what brought Chantal to Low Carb Femme Fit, she really needed to follow a solid low carb eating plan with lots of good fats to keep her satiated. Chantal goes on to say that she finds it hard to believe that you can eat this way and lose lots of weight, she is ready to lose weight and if she can inspire others in the process she would be delighted!

Chantal before photo's

Chantal's Stats

Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 1.82cm  - 5ft9"
Starting Weight: 107.2kg - 235.8lbs
Goal weight: approx 80kg - 176lb
Bust: 109cm - 42.9 inches
Middle: 110cm - 43.3 inches
Hips: 124cm - 48.8 inches
Thigh: 70cm - 27.5 inches
Arm: 34cm - 13.3 inches

More info to follow soon!

Week 1: 18th June

Hey everybody I have had feedback from Chantal and she is doing great! The long weekend was challenging with family commitments (lots of food temptations) and also a 40th. Despite the weekend festivities, she has lost 1.3kg ~ 2.8lbs!

She is currently drinking 2.5 litres of water every day and discovered that it was better to have her first cup of coffee after she had her breakfast otherwise she wants to snack and eat the whole day! She says the recipes are super easy and very satisfying. She has a few favourites from week 1, namely Greek salad with avo, beef and veggie burger and her ultimate favourite zucchini & chicken soup.

I have no doubt that Chantal will continue losing in the weeks to come and we will track her centimetre loss once a month; as it is not unusal and probable that some weeks the scale might not show that much of a loss but that inches will be lost! 

Week 2:  25th June 

Chantal has "aunty flo" visiting and in spite of that she has lost again! This week its 400g (0.8lbs) This is extremely good as most women carry a lot of additional water weight at "that time of month". Woot this girl is rocking it! She enjoyed the first week of her eating plan so much that she repeated it, and today she is starting on day 8. She goes on to say that she feels totally satisfied after having a meal and she feels her blood sugars are stabilising and that sugar cravings are much less! She is also sticking to her 2.5 Litres (5.3 pints) of water every day.  So far so good! I am certain that if she continues in this vein she will continue shedding the weight. I can honestly say from personal experience that I tried so many "diets" and low carbing is by far the easiest and most pleasurable. Eating delicious foods and not having that constant hunger one experiences with a high carb diet, is truly a dream come true! Keep watching this space!

Week 3: 2nd July


Chantal has had a bad flu for a couple of weeks and it returned with a vengeance last week, so last Thursday her doctor prescribed another course of antibiotics but this time also added cortisone. Despite these challenges and not sticking 100% to the plan in the last 7 days; she has shown a deficit. Another beautiful 600 grams (1.3lbs) done and dusted! Cortisone can make a person extremely hungry, so I am hoping that Chantal won't get derailed and keep her eyes on the prize! Weigh in: 104.9kg ~ 230.7lbs

Week 4:  9th July

No updates until further notice as there has been a passing in the family.