By selecting the right foods or correct eating plan we are able to control our body weight or nutrient uptake.  If you follow the correct eating plan you are bound to improve your physical and mental health.

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Suppress appetite naturally

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suppress appetite naturally

Natural diet aids are rare.  There are a few successful ways of naturally suppressing your appetite without worrying about the aid of pills. These simple and easy tips could help you in the battle of the bulge.

Suppress appetite naturally:

1. Tea - Tea is one of the best natural appetite suppressants. Many diets want you to discontinue eating at least three hours before you go to bed.  If you do get hungry though, you can always make a large cup of Earl Grey tea.  You should feel full after this, and your appetite is under control without spending money on expensive diet  pills. You also don't have to worry about any unusual side effects. The best thing about hot tea is that it works well with almost every diet on the market. Whether you are going the low calories route or  low carb diet a mug of hot tea is allowed. Tea is also lower in caffeine than coffee. You can also get it in herbal varieties which may have no caffeine to keep you awake at night.
2. Exercise - Yes, working out is meant to make you shed weight, however your body also releases natural endorphins that suppress you appetite whenever you exercise. . Generally people always sleep better after a little extra exercise and find that their appetite is more regulated . A simple brisk walk for about twenty to thirty minutes is all your need to naturally suppress your appetite until the afternoon.
3. Water - Water is a fabulous natural appetite suppressant. To help lose weight drink an entire glass of water before each meal. The liquid fills your stomach naturally, suppressing your appetite and increasing your metabolism at the same time. Your body needs water to metabolize, so you are getting double duty with this natural appetite suppressant. In the winter you can change this up by squeezing just a little lemon into some hot water.
4. Coffee - Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant as well as a diuretic. Cold or hot coffee is a superb method to curb your appetite |in the am or afternoon. It also will make a great snack replacement.
5. Salad - Although salad is probably not a naturally appetite suppressing food or drink, when you eat a salad with low-fat dressing at the beginning of very meal you are going to become full faster. It can keep you from eating as many calories at a meal as you normally would. It is low in fat, high in fibre, and takes quite a bit of chewing. Sometimes the simple motion of chewing can trick your brain into feeling full.
6. Protein - Protein is an excellent way to suppress your appetite naturally. Protein takes longer to digest and does not affect your blood sugar levels in terms of  the way that carbohydrates do. A stable blood sugar level helps speed weight loss. The protein can keep you feeling full longer. This is the basis of many popular diets that rely on protein to regulate blood sugar, encourage metabolism, and curb appetite.