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Is sushi good for weight loss?

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sushi weight loss

Seemingly lately there aren't any more corners of the planet without a good sushi bar. The sushi craze has taken the globe by storm and proved its longevity. For many years we’ve heard about the health and fitness benefits of sushi including weight loss.  If you have  ever wondered whether sushi is healthy for weight loss, continue reading to discover what you ought to learn about sushi.

Is sushi good for weight loss?

One reason why we assume that sushi is healthy for weight loss is simply because the region from which sushi hails, Japan, has among the healthiest populations on the planet. The Japanese overall have a very healthy body weight and a long life expectancy, most of that accredited to their healthy diets.  You can choose from traditional sushi rolls or sashimi, but before you decide you should know read more about sushi nutrition facts.

Sushi Ingredients

Before you can determine if sushi is good for weight loss you have to know what is in sushi. The primary ingredients in a traditional sushi roll include seafood, rice, nori (seaweed) and in most cases vegetables. An authentic trio of wasabi paste, soy sauce and pickled ginger often accompany many sushi rolls. When it comes to sashimi you will get no rice, but all of the other ingredients. Sashimi contains very thinly sliced fresh seafood like salmon, tuna and shrimp. Those are the common ingredients found in sushi, which can help you determine an answer to the question, is sushi healthy for weight loss. Now that sushi has become so well liked worldwide many rolls feature ingredients that would not be present in traditional Japanese sushi rolls like cream cheese. Among the factors that determines if sushi is healthy for weight loss is how many calories it contains. Whether or not you think your weight loss efforts live and die with calories, it does play a major factor in whether or not you can lose weight with sushi in your diet.
Most sushi rolls have a calorie count ranging from 350 to 450 calories, but you can obviously purchase them with more or less calories. If you have a daily calorie goal then you will need to find a sushi roll or sashimi platter that falls within the acceptable range in order to stick with your weight loss goals. The greater ingredients found in your sushi roll, the more calories it will contain.

Sushi Nutrition Facts

When figuring out if sushi is healthy for weight loss it is important discover all important nutrition facts from calories to sodium and fat and carbohydrates.  Sushi is notoriously high in sodium, which is the question always persists if sushi is healthy for weight loss. Sodium can dehydrate your system, however it can also send your blood pressure through the roof, which can be a lot more problematic if you’re already overweight. Another reason why some don’t find sushi healthy for weight loss is because the high sodium content can result in overeating because we often mistake thirst cues for hunger. The fat and saturated fat content of sushi can become quite problematic to your weight loss efforts if you’re not careful. Much of the time the fat comes from additional sauces like spicy eel sauce or spicy mayo, which is great news because those can be avoided by simply choosing a healthier sushi roll. Because of the seafood found in sushi there is often a great deal of protein, which can be one of the best nutrients for weight loss. Because protein satisfies your hunger and keeps you satisfied for a long period of time, most would agree protein makes sushi healthy for weight loss.

Is Sushi Healthy for Weight Loss?

So after all that information….well, it depends on who you ask. One of the most problematic aspects of sushi will be the rice. White rice is just starch and that isn’t very good for fat loss especially if you have a long journey to reach your weight loss goal. The good news is that many sushi restaurants have started to answer this by offering brown rice to make sushi healthier for weight loss. If you want choices of healthy sushi for weight loss sashimi is a much better choice because it gives you thin slices of lean protein without the rice. You don’t get those unnecessary simple carbohydrates and you get plenty of fat burning protein. The omega-3 fatty acids found in sashimi in large amounts can help boost fat burning, plus plenty of other health benefits. The answer to is sushi healthy for weight loss is yes, if you have a well balanced diet geared toward weight loss. Sushi is not something you should consume daily or regularly, unless you lead a very active lifestyle and even then you should keep it to a minimum. It is something that you can eat more frequently than junk food because it does have plenty of healthy nutrients for weight loss. When you decide to have a meal of sushi, just keep unnecessary add-ons as low as possible. Take pleasure in the vegetables and meat, whilst keeping the fatty sauces to minimum and you will find sushi healthy for weight loss!