By selecting the right foods or correct eating plan we are able to control our body weight or nutrient uptake.  If you follow the correct eating plan you are bound to improve your physical and mental health.

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Simple ways to speed up your metabolism

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These simple ways to speed up your metabolism are easy to follow and whats more they make you feel good too.

Simple ways to speed up your metabolism

Get moving and get busy - it's a sure-fire method to increase the quantity of muscle you've got, which will in turn speed up your metabolism. Do a combination ofaerobic in addition to weight training for the best final results. You should also become more productive in your daily life too.
Eat often and eat little - there's evidence that eating small, regular meals throughout the day, as opposed to 1-2 substantial meals, might help to ensure that your metabolism is ticking over. Surprisingly, around ten percent of the calories we use on a daily basis go on digesting and absorbing food - therefore the more times you consume food, the greater this effect is likely to be.
Eat a good amount of protein-rich foods - studies have shown that around a quarter of calories from a protein-rich meal could possibly be burnt off. But ensure you choose low-fat foods high in protein for example trim meat, skinless chicken and low-fat dairy.
Make your meals spicey - it's not an old wives tale after all! Spices like chilli are believed to boost metabolism by up to fifty percent for up to three hours after eating, as a consequence of increasing your heart rate. However, before putting your neighborhood Indian takeaway on speed dial, figure out which curries have the lowest calorie and fat content.
Replace your daily cup of tea for green tea - there's evidence that it contains antioxidants that increase metabolism.
Try a CLA supplement - more extensive studies really need to be executed before any definite conclusions could be drawn, but studies have shownthat conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) might increase muscle and as such speed up your metabolism.
Chill out - research indicates that being unusually cold can easily increase metabolism by up to 20 percent.
Sit in a sauna- being very hot is also believed to speed up your metabolism by about 20 percent (but check you have no underlying medical conditions that mean you shouldn't go in saunas or steam rooms).
Eating clean, choosing healthy snacks, a good nights rest, and not skipping breakfast are also very important factors not to lose sight of.