Exercise enhances our mood by releasing endorphins and maintains fitness while increasing overall health and wellness. Regular exercise boosts the immune system, and helps prevent many diseases.

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Why strength training is so important for women

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Strength training for girls a perfectly sculpted body with lean muscles and optimal curves is the most cherished dream of every woman. Some are blessed with a fabulous body while others need little efforts to regain their fabulous look. Unfortunately, there is a myth that women don’t need to be strong, and strength training will make them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But just like any person who needs strength, women have to carry their grocery bags, lift babies and perform other activities in their routine life. They do need a fit and healthy body. 

Those who are afraid of becoming the man-ladies should understand that women don’t have the levels of testosterone to develop big muscles quickly. Developing an Arnold like body is a very challenging task for most guys who dream to get bulky. So, women don’t have to be afraid about getting bulky from adding some weights into your workout routine. 

 Here are the main reasons why strength training is good for women:

  • Weight-lifting is more appropriate for building a sexy and perfectly curved body for women. When women lift weights at least three days a week, they will develop well-shaped breasts, toned abs, nicer butts, and lots of strength, confidence and positive approach in life.
  • Cardio or aerobic exercises may help women to lose weight, but these exercises are not very suitable for reshaping the body. You can get a sexy, sculpted and perfectly toned body only by including weight training to your exercise regime. Women face lots of excess fat deposition on certain problem areas, and only targeted strength training can help them to tone these areas.
  • Weight-training will substantially increase the fat burning potential of your exercise regime. It’s well documented that you burn more calories due to the afterburn effect of strength training. Strength training improves your resting metabolism and you can lose weight and manage your BMR more effectively than cardio exercises. Aerobic training becomes more effective and efficient when combined with the strength training.
  • Strength training can be very instrumental in restoring the hormonal balance and spirits. They can enjoy the lifter’s high as a result of endorphin’s that are released after intensive workouts. Strength training improves your mood without causing any side effects.
  • Strength training is very good for healthy hair, glowing skin and sound sleep. Proper nutrition is part of any strength trading and exercise regime, and when you are redefining your metabolism with weight lifting and adequate nutrition, you benefit from the overall improvement in your health and well-being.
  • Weight lifting or strength training is the smartest way to gain the fabulous look for women. It can completely transform the shape of your body and provide you with the confidence and positive approach to life you’ve desired.

Article courtesy: Average Joe Diets