Health is the general condition of a person's mind, body and spirit. People can improve their health with exercise, sufficient sleep, maintaining a healthy body weight, limiting alcohol use, and avoiding smoking.

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Fear of fat was a big mistake!

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Oh happy day....Finally! It had to happen ... EVENTUALLY! There was a glut of breaking news headlines across the world this week. The randomised controlled trials which occured in the 1970's, did not support the low fat dietary guidelines and the theory that saturated fat caused heart disease which was introduced in the 1950's was rejected at the time by scientists because there simply was no evidence to support the theory. 
 Regardless of the information which was gathered, the entire Western world received dietary guidelines that had NEVER been shown to have any substance what so ever. A new scientific review shows that the advice completely lacked evidence of any health benefits when it was first introduced. Because of this brand new STUDY done in the UK by researchers from the University of West Scotland and American cardiovascular scientist Dr James, they were able to release ground breaking information and this hit  big headlines around the world three days ago. 
If we are to turn around the obesity and diabetes epidemic we are all going to need to return to real food, stop fearing saturated fat, and eat the way our great grandparents did. The sooner we bring back the fat the better. There is hope. Thanks to all the new information the food revolution will continue! #bringbackthefat