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Olive oil for skin

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Oilve oil has numerous health benefits.  It wards off arthritis because it is an anti- inflammatory, is also beneficial because it lubricates the joints and reduces swelling. Olive oil helps with memory issues as it reduces brain inflammation. 

Olive oil also lowers the risk of cancer, enhances the immune system, and slows aging and adds years to your life. Not only is it good inside your body, it is also a very affordable beauty product, with a wide variety of uses.

Olive oil for skin

1. Would you like shiny hair? Olive oil is really a great hair conditioner. Apply to clean hair and wrap in a very warmed towel. Let it take 20 minutes then rinse well. Should you suffer from frizzy hair, olive oil may tame your unruly locks. Olive oil will also help with split ends and dandruff.
2. Rub olive oil into dried and cracked feet at night then cover them with socks before retiring. Soon, you'll have soft, younger-looking feet with skin that's a great deal more supple and healthy looking.
3. Use olive oil to remove make-up and condition your facial skin at the same time. Put a few drops of oil to a cotton swab or a Q-tip.
4. Use olive oil as a wrinkle reducing application. Many users can't live without olive oil, as a natural technique to pamper skin and curb the ravages of getting older. Applying a small amount each evening before retiring may delay aging.
5. Reduce chapped lips by rubbing in a little olive oil prior to going outside in colder weather.
6. Keep nails and cuticles healthy by putting on olive oil. Dip nails in olive oil and allow to permeate. The oil will assist to combat dry nails.
7. Add a couple of drops of olive oil in your bath water for total skin softening. Olive oil contains natural organic compounds that are beneficial to you-both inside and out!
8. Use olive oil as a scalp conditioner, applying small quantities of oil and rubbing into trouble spots. It will help to reduce scaly patches.
9. Use a paste of olive oil and salt or sugar as an all-over body scrub.
10. Rub olive oil into hands and elbows to soften hardened areas.