Cooking is a wonderful creative outlet for me.  I have no formal training but have been experimenting with various cooking techniques from a young age.  Here you will find recipes made with love from the heart, big on taste and flavour and unpretentious.  Just good, simple food!

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Low Carb Recipes | Low Carb Snacks

Whether you are limiting your carbohydrates to 50 gram per day or only limiting yourself to one complex  carbohydrate meal in the first half of the day we will have mouth watering recipes to tantalise and delight you.  There is no limit to how creative you can get with a low carbohydrate diet.  Enjoy!!

Asian Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry

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A quick yet satisfying dinner which takes no more than 25 minutes to complete from start to finish. A tasty one pan sizzler packed with protein and flavour. Tastes good and very healthy too! For even more "zing"a small piece of grated ginger and a small chopped chilli is optional.


Low Carb Crustless Quiche Lorraine

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crustless quiche lorraine

Traditional Quiche Lorraine gets a pie crust but this low carb crustless Quiche Lorraine has no grains, gluten or wheat.  A slice of this delicious crustless Quiche Lorraine makes a quick and easy lunch or dinner with a side plate of salad or roast veggies.

Low Carb Savoury Cheese Crackers

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Cheese crackers is what I would describe as more-ish.  Once you start you just can't stop!  These home made low carb savoury cheese crackers made with coconut flour are low carb and gluten free which means you don't need to feel guilty should you struggle to keep it to one or two.  Enjoy!

Low Carb Coconut Bread

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During the week when time is more limited I enjoy making quick little low carb meals. I have quite a few favourites and this low carb coconut bread is up there on the list!  It's so quick and easy, and tastes good too!  

Low Carb Mashed Turnips

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Low carb mashed turnips is a great comfort food and also a good substitute for potatoes for those trying to keep their carb intake low.  It is also very versatile and marries well with things like finely chopped sauteed spring onion, chives, or even crispy bacon bits.  Even the most fussiest of eaters will find it hard to believe that turnips can taste so good!

Low Carb Mulligatawny Soup

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Mulligatawny soup is a very flavorsome soup originating from India.  Translated from Tamil it literally means pepper water.  I was introduced to this soup by a dear foodie friend.  She makes this soup so beautifully and I love the infusion of flavours and enjoy the combination of tanginess and sweetness.  This is so good on a cold winters day!

Low carb courgette fritters

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Many people find that when they start low carbing the hardest thing to give up is potatoes, and especially the much loved rösti.  This is a delicious alternative and can be enjoyed without any guilt.  Delicious with tzatziki on the side!

Low carb fried green tomatoes

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Our tomatoe plants were full of green tomatoes and I kept on thinking how beautiful they looked and it got me thinking how great it would be to try cooking them but how?  Then I thought of the famous American dish and a movie with the same title.  After doing a little online research I was all fired up to try this recipe.  This was a brand new gastronomic experience for me and I absolutely loved this dish as well as the "tart" tangy taste.